We respect your right to the privacy of the personal information you provide us with. Your personal information will never be sold, traded or provided to anyone except as required by law.


We reserve the right to refuse the printing of any type of material which in our opinion is pornographic in nature, promotes hatred towards others or infringes upon copyright laws.


If you are unhappy with the quality of any book or marketing material printed by Printorium Bookworks, please contact our customer service representative with the details of the problem and we will work with you to fix the problem. To help us to see why you have quality concerns, if possible, take a digital photo showing us the exact problem and send us an email to info@printoriumbookworks.com with the attached photo. If you are not able to send a photo, simply tear off the entire wrap-around cover or cut out the inside page(s) and mail back to us stating the problem.

Please note that delivery within 5% of the ordered quantity will be considered complete. Any overs/shortages will be charged/credited at per unit book price unless other arrangements have been made and confirmed in writing prior to commencement of work.

We cannot be held responsible for shipping damage, as this is out of our hands. We pack all boxes carefully with biodegradable packing and reusable foam to protect against damage. Should you encounter damage from shipping, we will work on your behalf in claiming the damage with the courier company. Please mark the waybill if possible, stating the exact damage to the packing box. If possible, email us a digital photo of the damage to help us in making a claim against the courier company.