About Your Files

Naming Conventions

Try to name your files in a logical fashion for printing. Don’t call it “book”. Stick to names that make sense to people who are not familiar with how you've organized your document; i.e. ABC_novel_cover and ABC_novel_insides.

If there are colour inserts, a good choice would be ABC_novel_colour inserts. If you are sending new or replacement files, name them with a version number at the end of the file name, ie. ABC_novel_cover_V2.

Details like this can really help your printer keep your files in order and make it easy to reference during proofing and production of your book.

File Types

The best way to submit your file is in Adobe PDF format.

Files need to be fully designed, formatted to size and submitted with all fonts and images embedded. Setup and proofing fees will be charged at our best rate possible and we'd love to pass those savings along to you.

All other (native) file types will be charged a higher setup & proofing fee and may even be subject to additional file prep fees if your document is particularly difficult to work with.

Sending Your Files to Us

  • Use our handy Place an Order upload on this website.
  • By email attachment to books@islandblue.com .
  • Please email only if the combined file size is less than 10 MB! If your document is larger please use the "Place an Order" option.
  • Or, if you prefer, a CD or DVD can be mailed or dropped off in person to: 911 Fort Street, Victoria, BC, V8V 3K3 Attention: Printorium Bookworks.