Design & Layout

Cover Layout for Perfect Bound Books

Properly created files will have all fonts and images embedded and will retain all original formatting.

  • We recommend you keep all your copy (title, author name, book description, bio, barcodes, etc.) and primary images (cover image, author photo, etc.) at least ¼" from the trim line.
  • You should allow at least ¼" bleed outside the actual trim lines of the book to ensure there is proper coverage of colour to trim the book.
  • Ensure cover images and graphics are 300 dpi. Resize the image if necessary to the exact size you are using on the cover.
  • Maintain consistency in the use of fonts for the cover and text.
    Cover Page Layout
    Cover Layout

Book Interior Pages Layout

  • Send only one Text/Book Block file for each title.
  • Keep all text and graphics at least a ¼" inside the trim margins. We accept no responsibility for any text or graphics within the ¼" of the trim margins.
  • All images should be 300 dpi and flattened in your native file before you embed them into your PDF file.
  • All images should be sized at 100% before inserted into the text.
  • All fonts and images must be embedded in your PDF file.
  • Be sure odd numbered pages are right facing pages, and even numbered pages are left facing pages.
  • The single text PDF should be created one-up, meaning one page at a time.
  • Do not include crop marks on your interior pages unless there are design elements that include bleed.
    Inside Page Layout
    Inside Page Layout

Need help in calculating your spine width? 

Email us the details to and one of our account managers will respond to you with the calculation. 

Please remember that the total number of pages used in the calculation of your final PDF file must include all blank pages.

As each book is bound individually, when the cover enters the binder for creasing there can be minimal change as to the spine position. Avoid vertical lines and the use of two different colours at each corner of the spine. For spine text, allow at least a square inch of space top and bottom and ¾" on each side of the type.

Cover Layout for Cerolox/Spiro and Wire Bound Books

The final version of the front and back cover should be in separate pages in one PDF file.

Adding Colour Inserts into Black & White Books

With black & white books we are able to add colour insert sheets either in a single location of the book or throughout. Printorium charges a nominal fee for colour page insertion.