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Printorium Bookworks
911 Fort Street
Victoria, BC V8V 3K3

The following is also available for download as a PDF document for your convenience. It can be used as a handy reference sheet as you work with your book and book design.

You And Your Book

  • Have you supplied us with your full contact information?

  • Have you read the complete document?

  • Have you been supplied with a written quotation?

  • Have you specified your book trim size?

  • Have you specified the number of copies required?

  • Have you specified your timeframe for delivery?

  • Have you allowed enough time for delivery to avoid increased costs?

  • Have you given us complete addresses for distribution?

Inside Pages

  • Is the text document you have supplied a PDF file?

  • Is your PDF page the correct size as per your trim size?

  • Did you embed all fonts?

  • Did you embed all images?

  • Are all embedded images at 100% size?

  • Are all black & white photos in the text PDF grayscale and 300 dpi?

  • Is your text formatted as a one page at a time PDF file?


  • Is your cover document a separate PDF file?

  • Does your cover fit the trim size you selected with the correct spine size?

  • Do you have the appropriate amount of bleed when trimmed?

  • Are all fonts embedded?

  • Is your cover image 300 dpi and CMYK?

  • Are all embedded graphic images at 100% size?

  • Are all live graphics or text at least ΒΌ" away from the final trim size?

Everything ready? Then send us your file!