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Perfect Bound Books
Maximum Varies

The maximum spine width that can be perfect bound on our equipment is 1.75". The weight of paper used determines the maximum page count that will fit . Ask us at to find out the calculation of your spine widths.

Most commonly used binding for paperback books. The adhesive is versatile, secure and long lasting. Perfect bound covers have a score line approximately ¼" from the spine, both front and back, to allow for easy open of the cover. 




The weight of paper used determines the minimum page count that will fit. 

Saddle Stitched Booklets | C1S Cover/60lb Insides
Maximum 76 pages + cover Generally found in catalogues, the book is folded in half with two staples into the spine.
Minimum 8 pages
Plastic Cerlox | C1S Cover/60lb Insides
Maximum 380 pages A flexible binding type of 19 rings with an outside spine.
Minimum 16 pages
Spiro (Plasticoil) (lay flat) | C1S Cover/60lb Insides
Maximum 225 pages A continuous plastic wire (spiro) that allows for books to lie flat.
Minimum 30 pages
Twin Loop Wire (lay flat) | C1S Cover/60lb Insides
Maximum 225 pages A strong wire that loops through the book that allows for books to lie flat.
Minimum 30 pages

Paper Types

The in-house paper stocks Printorium Bookworks uses in its book production allows for excellent print quality. We carry white, natural and coated paper stocks, some with recycled content. If you require a special stock, please contact your account representative for custom paper selections and applicable pricing.

  • Our standard in-house paper stock for the printing black & white text and/or images on the inside pages is a 60lb. 100% Recycled Post Consumer Waste white offset sheet with a 94 brightness. The sheet is acid-free and elemental chlorine-free. Also available in 70lb. weight.
  • For the inside pages in colour books, our in-house sheet is an 80lb in Silk finish with a 10% Recycled Post Consumer Waste and is acid free and elemental chlorine free in a 91 brightness.
  • Covers are printed on a 10pt. C1S (Coated 1 side) cover stock. The cover stock is elemental chlorine free in 94 brightness. The cover stock is also available in 12pt. C1S.

Did You Know? The basis weight of a paper (ie. "60lbs" or sometimes listed as "60#") is the designated fixed weight of 500 sheets in that paper's basic sheet size. But the "basic sheet size" is not the same for all types of paper and some types of paper come in a variety of sheet sizes! Even if the numbers look like they mean the same thing, always ask your printer to recommend a stock if you're not sure.

Finished Trim Sizes

Books fall into three pricing groups based on size thresholds. Once any threshold is exceeded, the pricing for the book goes into the next largest book group (width in inches x height in inches).

Please note: While pricing is based on the size groups, the exact trim size is required for accurate quotes and printing.

4" x 6" but smaller than (or equal to) 5 1/4" x 8 1/4"
Larger than 5 1/4" x 8 1/4" but smaller than (or equal to) 6" x 9"
Larger than 6" x 9" but smaller than (or equal to) 8 1/2" x 11"

Laminated Covers

Printorium Bookworks offers both gloss and matte laminates for book covers. Used as both a protector and an enhancer, it is a highly recommended option. Before deciding if it's necessary for your printing, consider how often the book will be handled as laminate adds both durability and longevity to the cover.